Why You Should Hire A Professional Drone Pilot

Why You Should Hire A Professional Drone Pilot

Today’s world is becoming driven by digital media. Many companies can benefit from introducing different media practices in their business. One way to do this is by using drones. Drones can be used in a variety of different ways and can help with efficiency and accuracy across many different industries. However, it’s vital that when businesses are looking for drone services, they hire a professional, licensed pilot. Anyone flying a drone for commercial purposes must be licensed by the FAA. This article explains all the benefits of why you should be hiring licensed pilots for commercial purposes.

This is a guest post by Kennedy Martinez – Dronethusiast Team.

1. Knowledge and Skill

A part of becoming a licensed drone pilot involves passing the FAA Part 107 knowledge test. are This is a challenging test that covers a wide range of topics. As you look to hire a professional drone pilot, you can be assured that you will have hired a smarter drone pilot. This knowledge will go a long way as well in helping solve any issues that may arise, and you can work together with the drone pilot to be aware of legal and operational restrictions.

Along with this test, pilots will have knowledge of the many drone laws. Federal and state regulations are constantly changing, so it’s important that pilots stay up to date on any changes to the rules. While drones have been on the market for quite a few years now, they are still fairly new and government officials are still learning the best way to regulate them.

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2. Quality products

While there’s no guarantee, it can be safe to assume that you’ll be receiving a better quality of service from a licensed pilot that an unlicensed pilot. Having extensive knowledge of aerial coordination makes a difference in assuring the quality of productions. This knowledge along with a drone’s excellent camera can add quality to your business’s work.

 3. Increased Safety

Safety is a top priority to owners of any business and it’s just as important to many licensed drone operators just like it probably is for you and your business. As mentioned, drone professionals have spent hours learning the FAA rules and regulations to make their business legal. During this process, they have learned about the many effects that weather, temperature and other factors can play into their flights. Many kids and teens enjoy drones as a hobby, but flying a drone for commercial purposes is much more serious. Dronethusiast.com lists some great drones for anyone looking to fly.

Along with this, since licensed pilots are operating commercially, they will want to protect themselves, their business, and anyone else who might be around the operation. That’s why most drone pilots hold around $1MIL in liability insurance. It’s not required for a professional drone pilot to have insurance, but a responsible drone pilot will. This is something to consider when looking for pilots to hire.

With digital media becoming more prevalent across commercial industries, many companies have begun to introduce digital tools to benefit their business. One way they have done so is by using drones. Drones can be used across many different industries and have a wide range of capabilities. If you’re considering hiring a drone pilot, it’s vital that you hire someone who is licensed by the FAA and has deep knowledge of aerial coordination.